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Irony time! January 28, 2011

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It took me a little over a month to find a copy of Wii Zumba. I realize, I could be using my Y membership and going to the Zumba class, but I’m just not fond of awkwardly trying to dance and sweating in a group. I have the Zumba DVD’s with the toning sticks, but there’s no interaction, aside from me saying colorful words when I trip over my own feet. No. I have Wii Zumba, with my not-very-fancy-at-all green belt of goodness that supposedly monitors my hip movements despite it constantly moving off my hip/waist no matter how much I adjust it. Ah, well. I dance, and the little dancer on the screen turns green! I get points! It’s so rewarding to earn points…..points that I can’t cash in for a snack afterward, but points nonetheless!

….and what was I thinking of the entire time I did my first Wii Zumba workout?

Oh, you know, the ideas for my upcoming Valentine cupcakes. Chocolate with strawberry frosting (like I’ve done for two years now, delish as always) but maybe adding a freshly cut strawberry on top – with a little finesse, I could shape it into a heart. Or, I could do the same flavor combo and get some my current obsession candy, Sunny Seed Drops (chocolate coated sunflower seeds) and make X’s and O’s on top of the cupcakes. Or, I found a recipe for an awesome chocolate frosting. Chocolate on chocolate? Vanilla with chocolate? Hmmmmm.

So, as I danced for 30 minutes, burning off my calories, I was contemplating many future caloric possibilities!


Food. Blizzard. And, Louboutin. Oh my. January 10, 2011

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So. There’s the Great Blizzard of 2011 happening in Georgia. It’s dreadfully exciting. The usual freak out has occurred; flocks of Georgians have headed to Walmart to stock up on milk, bread, and eggs. Why that combo? Probably for French toast. Regardless, I’m in Atlanta with my Squirrel and Russian during the Great Blizzard. We drove for a good portion of it. Then we frolicked in the snow, which was odd. I didn’t know you could actually frolic in the snow. The only snow we get at home is a sad, slush mixture of disgusting, cold, wetness that occasionally photographs well.

There was a lot of good food this weekend. The Andes cupcakes were made again. MMM. There was brie. And one day I’ll find something more delicious than brie or the new Andes cupcakes to rattle on about, but in the mean time, MMM. Squirrel made mac & cheese that is far better than mine (though, I’m quite fond of mine). We had brunch today. Lots of yummy food: cheesy biscuits, pancakes, Flying Biscuit’s Creamy Dreamy Grits (which we know how to make, thanks to their fabulous cookbook), bacon, and chai tea lattes. (I made the chai tea lattes. Have I mentioned I’ve been incredibly lazy this weekend and don’t fair well in cold temperatures?)

My Russian pretty gave me Christian Louboutin boots. I’m still in shock. They’ve been on my feet awhile now, and I’m still in awe. That beautiful pop of red gives me chills and squeals of delight. My shoes usually consist of ballet flats from Gap or the occasional splurge on Steve Madden. But these? Oh. My. They’re delicious. Absolutely delicious.

It’s been a fantastic weekend of food, blizzard, shoes, and now I think I shall get back to my wine.


adventures in cupcakes! December 28, 2010

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So, Fawkes is no more. True story. He’s all sorts of bad news. And thus, DING, moving on!

I made yet another baked brie. I took a lovely picture which at some point I will post. Squirrel told me to cut the rind off, and mmmmmm, it made it that much more divine! It’s my new weakness, by far.

But, I did my usual happy fun times event of cupcake experimenting. Dark chocolate cupcakes with Andes baking chips, chocolate frosting, and a little Andes mint on top. Um, YUM. Quite possibly my new favorite. Though, I’m still incredibly fond of my dark chocolate cupcakes with strawberry frosting, but these are right up there. MMM. It was a happy Christmas Eve experiment.

I’m also working on a cross-stitching project that involves cupcakes. I found the color chart it came with to be absolutely dreadful, so I made my own. Now the cupcakes look much more real and yummy (as real as I can make out of thread). They’re on an apron, and it’s just freaking adorable. I’m so excited! Baking + crafting = happiness. Mhmm!

Boys, however? Boys lead to trouble.  Which….is fine in small doses or controlled doses. It depends on the trouble, really. Depends on the boy. So long as it isn’t Fawkes. Stupid Fawkes. Grr, argh!


baked brie. the snack for sexy fat kids. December 11, 2010

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Yep. I’m a fat kid. Don’t judge. I have no issue with my jiggly parts, which means that if you have an issue, you ought not be here because I bake things that are divine and lovely. Yep, I do. It’s fantastic and fun. I’ve made a personal discovery. Baked brie is the snack for sexy fat kids. Curvy. Voluptuous. Whatever.

The first time I had baked brie was maybe a year or so ago at Flying Biscuit in ATL with my Squirrel. (We’re Mouse and Squirrel. No Moose. Don’t get it twisted.) It was lovely and delicious and I was most happily bewitched by all the food there. Over Thanksgiving this year, we had a mad craving for it. Mad. Intense. Serious, passionate, hungry desire – okay, maybe that was just me, but I digress – for baked brie. Squirrel said that Fresh Market happened to have a nice little pre-made number that you pick up and pop in the oven, easy-peasy! Ohhhhh, shiny! It was acquired (pricey, but acquired nonetheless), baked, and quickly devoured.

Once I got home from my Thanksgiving vacation, I was absolutely twitterpated with the idea of making my own baked brie. I found different recipes online, but as I was surfing the interwebs, this random Pillsbury commericial for crescent-wrapped brie came on! Well, bloody hell! The Powers That Be have spoken! ……..except that the recipe was so basic in comparison to the fancy-schmancy ones I eyed on the Food Network website. So I opted for a combination thereof.

To the Crescent-Wrapped Brie Recipe, I added dried apricots around and on top of the brie. I also put almond slivers on top of the crecent wrapped package of goodness before baking. This made for extra delicious nom nom’s and had all the extra goodness of the Fresh Market version with the yummy bonus of the crescent dough and the satisfaction of making it yourself. MMM.

So, all that being said, GK made some threats and that situation has been pretty lame but I’m opting for a ding – moving on situation because that’s way better for me. There’s a shiny now which makes me decidedly happy as I’m not being stalked like prey. Yes. And since we watched the Guild show and discovered the GK is Zaboo, perhaps the vague code name of vagueness should be Fawkes since that’s the hot one. Mmm. Yes. Teeheehee.


I think I can, I think I can. December 6, 2010

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I was going to be successful at this blogging shindig. Mhmm. Then a mild malady of events happened.

We switched internet providers, and the new provider did not come with the glorious wireless router. No problem, I thought, I have a friend (who we shall refer to as GK as he’s a Ginger Kid and not of the sort that I fancy but he’s important later) who is majoring in networking, so I figured it would be an easy project for him to setup a new, shiny router. Apparently he doesn’t pay attention in his schooling. Grr. So I have a lousy router that hardly works. $65 totally wasted.

I do the bulk of my interweb postings via my laptop. Mmm. Laptop. Somehow the screen got wonky. It made odd white lines then the whole thing went white on the bottom half. Again I thought, a project for GK! Again, he screwed that up. So the Princess found herself another castle without a working laptop. No worries though, I have a desktop. It’s a bit old, but it does the trick. Sadly it doesn’t read SD cards, and my card reader is apparently corrupted? Yet another lovely discovery!

So, GK decided he was in love with me which was positively weird and random. He’s an obnoxious child with an obsession. I told him I needed space, and he flipped out. And by flipped out I mean, he opted to make threats against me and those dear to me and prove that Cartman was right in his statements about gingers (which is sad because I truly love the red-headed boys, but not this one! Oh no!).

That sums up the delay for getting this party started. I’ll do another post about my foodie projects and all things lovely. It’ll be just grand.


and so it begins? again? something like that. November 7, 2010

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Goodness. My blogging attempts have reached all across the interwebs, but I think we might just settle here at <a href=””&gt;. It’s nice & I like it. However, I still have work to do, getting organized and such. I need to order new business cards at some point, but I don’t need those today. Not really. I kind of need them for the Zumbathon next Friday, if I’m selling ninjas, but that’s to be determined.

So, yes, HI, first post! I do have pictures of my ninjas posted already. There’s a link – somewhere, up there – that says NINJAS (not in all caps; I just felt the need to use all caps there, mhmm). It has pictures and some general pricing information. At some point today I’m going to edit my Relay page and get that linked on here. I woke up with the sniffles, so my brain is moving very slowly despite my need to get things done.

But hey, we got a new blog started. That’s a good start, I think.